Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Products & Product Displays

  • Product pictures displayed on the website are not digitally altered in anyway, nevertheless there may be minor differences between a product display picture and the physical product because of lighting, background etc.
  • Product dimensions – length, breadth, height and weight are approximate values.
  • Product description, including colour, is only indicative. Varying descriptions may be found on the web for any similar product.
  • Our products are handcrafted, not machined, so there are chances of minor imperfections in size, colour, finish etc.
  • Handcrafted Homemade products showcased on the website may be reproductions of commonly found products on the internet, since they are based on customer requests. Please write to us at info@deckout.in for any concerns regarding this.


    • Prices displayed are inclusive of applicable taxes.
    • Any discounts, including festive discounts, coupon code discounts etc. will be applied before relevant taxes are added.
    • Products that need customisation: Customisations may cause price variations. We will inform you of the excess charges before we begin work and they will need to be cleared before product is dispatched.
    • Our maximum liability in case of any dissatisfaction with any aspect of the purchase is attempting to remedy the situation and/or a refund of the payment upon successful return and receipt of the product – please see the Returns section.


      • Products will be shipped by deckout.in post receipt of order. 
      • For deliveries within India, the shipping rates, excluding special offers, are as follows:
      1. Tier 1: Upto INR 550.00 - Shipping INR 100.00
      2. Tier 2: INR 551.00 - INR 1,000.00 - Shipping INR 150.00
      3. Tier 3: INR 1,001.00 - INR 1,500.00 - Shipping INR 200.00
      4. Tier 4: INR 1,501.00 - INR 2,500.00 - Shipping INR 250.00
      5. Tier 5: INR 2,501.00 - INR 5000 - Shipping INR 300.00
      6. Tier 6: INR 5,001.00 - INR 7500 - Shipping INR 350.00
      7. Tier 7: INR 7,501 - INR 10,000 - Shipping INR 400.00
      8. Tier 8: INR 10,001 and up - Shipping INR 450.00
        • Typical shipping times within India can range from 8 to 10 business days for products in stock and 15 to 20 business days for products out of stock, and with option to backorder, at the time of order.
        • Delays can happen – due to varying issues beyond our control. The above times are best case delivery times.
        • If you reside in areas like military cantonments or other such restricted zones, Brahma Enterprises will make all attempts to ensure timely delivery, however, we will not be responsible for delays/damage of your shipments. Any return costs will have to be borne by the you.

          Order Cancellation

          • Should you decide to cancel an order that you have made, please do so within 48 hours.
          • We will be unable to accept cancellations once the product has been dispatched.


            • We believe in providing the best possible experience to our guests, however, in case a product is received in damaged condition, we will be happy to accept a return.
            • The customer must notify deckout.in at info@deckout.in or by calling +91-9811665350 within 24 hours of receipt of the product.
            • The product must then be shipped back within the next 48 hours in original condition and packing. Once we receive and inspect the product, we will initiate the refund process - including all courier charges.
            • Incase you change your mind about the purchase after an order has been shipped, we will refund your money, after deducting the courier charges.
            • Please DO NOT return a product without prior notification to deckout.in as specified above.


              • deckout.in is owned and operated by Brahma Enterprises.
              • deckout.in welcomes your purchase if you are 18 years and over. If not, please ensure that an adult makes the purchase for you.
              • We reserve the right to change any/all of the terms & conditions of usage as required.
              • Bulk orders are not a part of these terms - those are case by case basis.
              • Please write to info@deckout.in for questions related to any terms & conditions.